HP TouchPad Snags No. 2 Spot in Tablet Sales

Image Credit: precentral.net Surprising or not, a recent study from the NPD group revealed that the TouchPad, HP’s now defunct Tablet was the second best-selling tablet between the months of January to October. This could be attributed to the $99 fire sale HP had on the device after it they announced that it will seize production and support for WebOS devices. HP has since guaranteed continued support for WebOS, possibly because of the public reception of its heavily... Read More

HP Enters Tablet Market Again With Slate 2: Windows 7 And A Stylus

  HP’s Slate 2 is the sequel to its Slate 500. After HP’s troubles with the TouchPad, you’ll think they wouldn’t take another attempt at the tablet market. The Slate 2 is like its predecessor in display. With an 8.9inch bezel and a 1204 x 600-resolution, Slate 2 runs on Intel’s Atom Oak Trail Z670 processor and a faster 64GB mSATA drive with a Swype keyboard. It includes a stylus for writing and runs on Windows 7 like the Slate 500. HP has added... Read More

HP’s Woes: WebOS Discontinued, Exiting The PC Market, $100 TouchPads

It’s 5.55 AM, Nigerian Time as  I draft this. I woke to find TouchPad trending on Twiter and I’m like ‘What’s happening to HP Again?’. Turns out the TouchPad 16GB now goes for $100 and 32GB goes for $150 in Canada! Yes, Canada has carried first in something! Dunni says it’s sold out in a lot of stores right now. My other friend Ruvie confirms it’s sold out online too. In the last 2 days, we’ve seen HP make some HUGE announcements.... Read More

Russell Brands HP Touchpad

Would you rather get the HP touchpad ahead of other tablets because Russell Brand said so? Well, HP have used the comedian in two ads to persuade as many people as possible to invest their money in the tablet. Whether that will turn out to be a fruitful decision, we have to wait and see. [Opinion] Russell is a fantastic entertainer but geeky Russell is something I’m not exactly ready to embrace.  I would have loved to see Russell use the tablet in real-life situations... Read More

Another iPad competitor surfaces

HP has joined the race to compete significantly with the Apple iPad after announcing its release of the HP Touchpad which will ship starting on the 1st of July, 2011. The HP Touchpad features it’s own OS (Web OS 3.0) which is different from all other iPad competitors which port the Android Honeycomb OS for their tablets, and so this may give them an edge in terms of customization. The Touchpad is also a very business-friendly device and is very conversant with the Palm OS devices... Read More