South Park: The Game

Yes! A legit South Park RPG is actually being made! (forgive my poor introduction to the article).

The beloved creators of the South Park series, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, have teamed up with video game developers, Obsidian, who brought us the likes of Fallout. The comedian duo revealed the first set of details about the upcoming title, South Park: The Game, on a NeoGAF forum. Matt and Trey are working closely with the game developers, writing the scripts and the dialogues so we can rest assured that the title will bring us the immoral humour we all love.

So as RPGs go, your character will be fully customisable. There are five classes: wizard, paladin, rogue, adventurer and a final unannounced class which is made up by Cartman. The gameplay may seem familiar to some, as Obsidian will be using their Dungeon Seige III engine, the combat system will be like that of Paper Mario and there will be a materia system, like Final Fantasy’s, to pimp out your weapons. The game is mainly about being the new kid on the block and settling in; sounds like a brilliant concept but I’m not sure why you need to be a paladin to fit in… but then again its South Park.

The title should be released sometime next year for Playstation3 and Xbox360. For more info about the game, click here to go to the forum.

I’m quite hyped for this title, you would think a popular series like South Park would already have a few proper games to its name. What do you think about a South Park RPG? What do you think about RPGs in general? Please leave any comments below.


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