PlayStation Network Going Offline Tomorrow Evening

Sony has announced that PlayStation Network maintenance will be happening tomorrow (Thursday, 8th of September) from 17:00 till 23:00 in Europe. This means no online gaming between these hours so you might want to reschedule Call Of Duty dates or FIFA matches… Of course not. If you are signed in before the maintenance hours your online game play should be unaffected so Thursday night Call of Duty session is still on! The security situation in Sony is no longer a joking... Read More

Nintendo: The Hack Attacks Continue

The hackers strike again! and this time it is the Japanese gaming giant, Nintendo, who have no history of such attacks. The group of hackers responsible are known as Lulzsec; they managed to penetrate the security of a Nintendo server in the United States. I suggest you remember that name(Lulzsec) because we might be hearing about more of their ventures in the near future. The group has also claimed responsibility for the infiltration of Sony Pictures, a site which is associated... Read More

Sony Pictures Website Gets Hacked

Sony is in another mess. As the PlayStation Network is just coming back online, another set of Sony websites have been hacked. This time it’s an attack on various websites associated with Sony Pictures. A team of hackers known has LulzSec have announced via twitter that they have broken into and have compromised over 1 million accounts. Also, 75,000 music codes and 3.5million coupons were uncovered. The accounts compromised contained registered user acitiviy... Read More

The Deal With the Sony Playstation Network

We all know that the Playstation Network (PSN) was shut down for more than three weeks in the month of April (all my guy friends were practically looking homeless). The PlayStation Network, which enables console owners to download games, has been offline since April 19th – after Sony discovered that hackers had breached security, accessing the personal information on up to 77 million accounts. The company said it has improved its online security for consumers by making... Read More