Rumour: Ezio from Assassin’s Creed to Join the “Stage of History”

For those deprived gamers who are not familiar with the quote, “Stage of History”; it’s from the epic weapons based fighting game series that is SoulCalibur. This Namco produced game series always attempts to please players by introducing a character from another game and making him/her playable in the game. This is the part where I proceed to naming these characters: Soul Edge: This was the initial installment to the series. It only introduced the game’s... Read More

PlayStation Network Going Offline Tomorrow Evening

Sony has announced that PlayStation Network maintenance will be happening tomorrow (Thursday, 8th of September) from 17:00 till 23:00 in Europe. This means no online gaming between these hours so you might want to reschedule Call Of Duty dates or FIFA matches… Of course not. If you are signed in before the maintenance hours your online game play should be unaffected so Thursday night Call of Duty session is still on! The security situation in Sony is no longer a joking... Read More

PlayStation Vita is Sony’s Next PSP

Codenamed ‘NGP’, the PlayStation Vita is Sony’s Next-Generation Portable gaming device. The device made its debut at E3 yesterday, looking like the earlier leaked prototypes we saw this year. It’s packed with a high-resolution, 5-inch OLED touchscreen[960 x 544 pixels], two analog sticks, touch controls at the back of the device, 6-axis motion sensors and 2 front and back facing cameras. On the inside, it runs on a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor. On... Read More

Sony Steals Portable Gaming Scene With PSP NGP

Our friends at Sony have experienced hacks from all directions this year (you can read about the most recent hack here), but have they completely given up on us? No. Sony staff are still slaving to bring us the best in portable gaming. So may I kindly appeal to the hackers: Please stop hacking into Sony’s networks! They are trying to provide us with breakthrough entertainment technology so give them space to do so. That aside, let’s talk about the PSP NGP! Okay there’s... Read More

Sony Gears Up For Next Generation Gaming

  As Nigerians would say: “ghen ghen!” (a phrase used in the anticipation of a somewhat epic event). Yes, fellow gamers. The age of eight generation gaming is finally upon us- though not completely, so I would not recommend putting up your Playstation 3 up on eBay yet. In the mean time though, let’s see what Sony has in store for us.   Playstation Portable 2 Sony  is already planning its debut into the new era with the release of its next generation... Read More