“Whose Was This Fanpage?” Samsung Nigeria Facebook Page Gets Hacked

The Samsung Nigeria Facebook page is going through a major troll session right now by someone we believe to be a hacker who needs English lessons. “Whose was this Fanpage?” asks the hacker, seemingly as confused as the rest of us. Our new page admin then goes on with a series of more posts with questions like “un would like to bring back fanpagen old manager again Plase e-mail,” “please help me would... Read More

LulzSec Shuts down

In the past 2 months, we’ve seen a large number of hacks directed at a wide range of targets, the CIA, Sony Pictures, Nintendo and Sega. Lulz Security the group claiming responsibility for these hacks has announced they will stop their activities. Their reason for hacking these websites and services in the first place is “All to selflessly entertain others – vanity, fame, recognition, all of these things are shadowed... Read More

Gmail Accounts Hacked

So it seems like hackers have been gaining loads of attention in the last couple of months, with Sony’s PSN and Pictures Network hacked in recent times and now hundreds of Gmail accounts were hacked. Some Gmail accounts were hacked in the U.S. and in Asia earlier this week. They were accounts of top military officials, activists and journalists in those two countries. Google spilled the details to the public via their official... Read More

Sony Pictures Website Gets Hacked

Sony is in another mess. As the PlayStation Network is just coming back online, another set of Sony websites have been hacked. This time it’s an attack on various websites associated with Sony Pictures. A team of hackers known has LulzSec have announced via twitter that they have broken into SonyPictures.com and have compromised over 1 million accounts. Also, 75,000 music codes and 3.5million coupons were uncovered. The accounts... Read More