Google Music Is Here: In The US (For Now)

  Google Music is now available to the general public. With Google Music, you can upload your entire music collection (or at least 20,000 songs) to the cloud for free and stream it from anywhere. Uploading your music will keep all your playlists and edits from your actual library intact. You can then choose which playlists, artists or albums you want to listen to when you’re offline. The release came with the addition of a music store to the Android Market. The... Read More

Infographic: See How Far Digital Storage Has Gone

Earlier this week, I spotted my USB drive in one of my suitcases. It occurred to me that there was once a time where I couldn’t do without it in school, I always had it around my neck because it had all my transcripts and other documents I might have needed. That made me think about the times in high school when having a CD to store files was a luxury and remember the times when my older sister would have stacks of floppy discs after a semester of college. I use Dropbox... Read More

Does the future lie in the cloud?

With all the recent frenzy everywhere about cloud computing; the real question that is posed to us is: does the future of technology lie in the cloud? There has been a lot of talk in recent months about cloud computing and its benefits and flaws. We have recently seen Google launch the Chrome OS – the first fully cloud based OS. We have also seen Google acquire Sage TV, probably with intentions of taking Google TV to the cloud along with their other services like Google Docs.... Read More

Introducing: Google ChromeBooks

Google is here again with another innovation. Google has decided to build their own OS called the Chrome OS which is extremely similar to their Google Chrome browser. The ChromeBook has been in the works for quite a while now but Google recently announced that it will be releasing the ChromeBooks for sale on June 15th. The ChromeBook is aimed at quick boot times; it boasts of a 10-second start-up time and wakes up from sleep in about 3 seconds. The reason for the quick boot... Read More