iROKO Partners Does The Harlem Shake, Where Is This From Anyway?

iROKO Partners – the holding company of iROKOTv and iROKING has caught the Harlem Shake bug. Here’s a video of staff at iROKO Parnters doing the Harlem Shake. There’s an image of Mr. Ibu floating around somewhere.

We’ve seen thousands of Harlem Shake videos hit the web in the last couple of weeks. The original Harlem Shake is a dance originating in Harlem in 1981. Last year, musician Baauer, did a song titled “Harlem Shake” [that's where the music you hear is from].

On January 30, 2013, YouTube vlogger Filthy Frank made his regular comedy compilation video and then released a video on February 2nd called “Harlem Shake”. After his video, five Australian teenagers known as “The Sunny Coast Skate” created another Harlem Shake video which then went viral due to their following on YouTube.

The shakes you see in Harlem Shake videos are nowhere near the original Harlem Shake. Is this the next Gangnam Style?

Sources: Nollywood Love – YouTube, Wikipedia


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