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Jumia Fails At Customer Care And Delivery

Online shopping and delivery service Jumia (formely Kasuwa and Sabunta) is already failing at deliveries barely 6 months since its launch. Here’s the story of a disgruntled customer who doesn’t wish to be named. Let’s call him “John”.

UPDATE: We have been reached by a Jumia staff member who has offered to speak to John and fix the problems. That’s great.

John ordered a laptop from Jumia’s website and paid via his debit card. The laptop was delivered 5 weeks after the promised delivery date. When John eventually opened the laptop, he found out it was running Linux as opposed to the Windows 7 description on the website. The laptop also had a smaller hard drive space than what was displayed.

John, like any other customer, assumed it was a mistake and reached Jumia customer care. Jumia then promised to pick the laptop up and install Windows 7 for him. This sounds great right? No. Not really. Jumia then went ahead and informed John that his hard drive will not be upgraded.

He was also told he’ll get the replacement on Monday September 24th. It’s September 27th as I draft this and John still hasn’t gotten the laptop he ordered for.

So I’ve got a few questions for Jumia.

1. Did John not pay for a larger storage space than that which he got?

2. Why does Jumia keep displaying things it doesn’t have or can’t get on time? They put up an iPhone 5 ad this morning and we can be very sure they don’t have it.

3. Does Jumia understand the legal implications of its actions?

Jumia’s actions and poor service (if they continue to act in this manner), will drastically reduce the confidence of Nigerians in e-commerce services and hinder the progress of businesses who only display products they already have.

Jumia clearly cannot be “Nigeria’s Amazon” or “Africa’s Amazon” if they keep up this attitude.

Have you ordered or purchased anything from Jumia? Please let us know about your experience in the comments section.

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  • Yemi

    I've had no problems with them…ordered a nokia pureview and delivery was on time and the driver was polite.

  • Bisola

    Its quite strange how Nigerians just always seem so hungry or is it thirsty to highlight the negatives in all things. Moving back from the States some months ago, I was so upset to learn we still don’t have a functional e-commerce site here. Kasuwa opened up and I don’t know about those in Lagos or Abuja but for people like me currently living in PH, they’ve been a breath of fresh air. They are only 6 months old abi, it can’t be perfect just yet. There will be many like John my first orderfrom them, an S3 got to me 4 days late but they have gotten better. I say give them some time.

    • tainsville

      giving them time doesn't translate to not highlighting their flaws…this post isn't malicious in any form

  • Chris

    My experience was worse. I ordered a storm 2 Blackberry from Jumia a month ago. A faulty phone was delivered which I immediately reported. There has been series of e mails and phone calls all at my cost. 2 weeks ago, I was asked to package the phone for retrieval and replacement. Since then, I have not seen any Jumia agent nor their FEDEX partner coming for the retrieval. Nobody is talking about replacement and my money is tied down with them.
    I am already discussing with my lawyer and we are considering filing a suit.
    Those guys are not serious, and need to wake up

  • Mike

    Jumia, kasuwa or sabunta or whatever is a BIG FAILURE. Because they have funding from rocket internet to post aggressive ads on facebook and google adwords they believe they can use that opportunity and deceive Nigerians. Check this link to see comments from jumia's customers http://www.nairaland.com/1020391/online-shop-kasu… smartbuy is a better choice with immediate delivery…my advice on jumia is to concentrate on their delivery of service and ensure products on their website are in stock….HOW CAN I BUY A LAPTOP AND WAIT 5 WEEKS..whew!!! i dey madt ne

  • Ese

    I am very sure that jumai is not set for business. I made an online order for some makeup items exactly 1 week and after I got an email order confirmation, they are yet to deliver or even call to explain why they have not delivered. Am canceling the order right away.


  • Anonymous

    Jumia…would NEVER do business with again as i feel they are not trustworthy. Good publicity they've got YES but not all items listed on their site is available. I placed an order for a Samsung side by Side refridgerator worth over 300k last month, before which i called their customer service to confirm the product's physical availability. I got confirmation that this product was in stock and I should go ahead making payment. Immediately after payment was received, I got an email saying the product was not available from one of their staff and if i wanted an alternative but i rejected. I requested if this product was not gonna be available within 3 business delivery days as they claim on their website, then i would appreciate a prompt refund since my purchase was time sensitive. Next day, calling Jumia CS, they said it wont be available within 3days and it may span over a week or more. I opted for a full refund ASAP and the next thing i'm told is it would take 8 business days to get a refund due to procedures which i feel is CRAP……Now tell me, payment made within few minutes via GTB – GTB Internet banking, why then would doing same take 8 business days to refund sameway? After much heat on them, I got my money back 3days later……trust me, would NEVER do business with them

  • Ron

    Jumia is garbage. Just know there are no refunds/exchanges no matter whose fault it is. You might as well burn your money

  • Mr Chinedu Paul

    i placed an order which i had already made payment. then i was told track the order status, it refuse to track, i was later told that the number that was given to me was no longer found. why?