Jumia Wants You To Scream And Win $1000


E-commerce service Jumia has launched a screaming competition for its customers and non-customers alike. All you have to do is well, scream “Jumiaaaa”. The grand prize is

To enter the competition, you have to signup on Jumia’s Facebook screaming app, upload a video of you screaming to YouTube and paste the link within the app.

There are a couple of videos of people screaming but the problem here is that there’s a bunch of unrelated videos – like Chris Brown trying and failing to dance the Azonto. The app doesn’t state how exactly the winning video will be chosen but it seems like it’ll be based on votes.

For Jumia, this is a brilliant way to propagate its ‘gospel’. People have to share their scream videos with their friends and family to get more votes. Voters are also required to share a link to the app.

So scream away and don’t forget to vote.

No guys, I will not be screaming. There’s already a video of me dancing Gangnam Style on the internet.


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