Apple Becomes The Most Valuable Company Ever

Image Source: Flickr/Taktor

Apple, the maker of blockbuster gadgets like the iPod, iPhone and iPad has just clocked
another milestone by taking the crown as the  most valuable public company ever. The previous holder was Microsoft back in 1999 at the climax of the dot-com bubble when
it was worth $616.3 billion.

This is remarkable as it was just over a year since Apple
dethroned the energy giant Exxon Mobil as the most valuable company on the planet.

Trading at $665.14 on the NASDAQ, the technology juggernaut is now worth
$622.06 billion. Apple already accounts for about 20% of the tech-heavy NASDAQ
stock index.

It seems that this company has no bounds by which its stock price can rise. However, this
brings to mind the euphoria at the height of the tech bubble in the late ’90s that saw Cisco
briefly become the most valuable company in the world.

The question remains, is this more real than fake? Please leave your comments below.

Also check out this Tumblr dubbed Things Apple is Worth More Than which gives you a good visual idea how valuable the company is.

Courtesy: AllThingsD



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