Help Choosing A Tablet For The Holidays [INFOGRAPHIC]

Having been hit with a lot of questions on Twitter regarding the best tablet to buy, I understand first hand the confusion many people have. With the iPad dominating the market, it’s no surprise that many users are shying away from it and considering other devices. Couple this with the fact that most companies are going at the iPad where it hurts the most; Price points, it’s no wonder people are getting more perplexed with the myriad of choices out there. The choices range from the venerable iPad to the new kids on the block; the Nook Tablet, the Kindle Fire, the Samsung Galaxy Tabs etc.

Fortunately, the guys at the Web Pro News have taken their time to create this infographic showcasing important stats that can help sway or solidify your decision. Do let us know if the infographic played a role in picking up a tablet by dropping us a comment. Good luck.

(Featured image courtesy GIZMOWATCH)


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