E-Readers Are Killing Print Book Sales [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is a confirmation that e-readers are slowly and loudly killing the book printing industry. With Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet hitting the shelves in a few days, it’s clear from this infographic that E-readers and tablets have seen a massive adoption rate in the past year.

A Pew Internet Project report says e-reader adoption doubled in the US from November last year to this May. With more devices battling for a user base and lower prices, it’s estimated that more and more users will buy E-readers and Tablets.

Publishers aren’t also lacking in their move from print to digital. Barnes & Noble is already battling Amazon with the Nook varieties as the percentage of print industry sales rose from 3.2% in 2009, to 8.3% in 2010. Forrester Research says e-books could hit up to $3 billion by 2015.

Here’s the infographic from RetailMeNot, showing how e-readers are altering the print publishing industry.

Source: VentureBeat





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2 Responses to “E-Readers Are Killing Print Book Sales [INFOGRAPHIC]”
  1. carmen w buxton says:

    "Ability to Share Quotes on FaceBook"? Really, you think that rate that feature higher than say, "Buying books, no matter where you are" (easy with a 3G model ereader)? Or "Packing for vacation and taking a dozen new books in one ereader"? Or "Changing font size" (every book can be a large print book!)?

    Most of your graphics are good, but I cannot tell if "ereader market share" refers to sales of devices or sales of ebooks. Apple iPad is wildly popular but lots of iPad owners don't read books on it. It is not actually an ereader. Or do you mean iBooks, which runs on other Apple devices as well as iPads? Lots of folks read ebooks on their iPhones and other smart phones.

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