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It’s been a little over a year since the launch of the Apple iPad and it has gained lots of recognition and has even revived the tablet market all over again. We always see the iPad as one other nice and fancy Apple product but fail to realize its use in the business environment which has been extremely massive.

Whenever Apple or any technology company comes out with a new piece of technology, one of their main sales targets is a business firm to use and test out their product. Apple iPad’s aim at all target customers: students, doctors, music makers, businessmen and even children. But the iPad has largely impacted the way people now do business. Powerpoint presentations are now given on iPads, sales charts can be viewed, stock trading is now made available on the iPad and with the iPad2 video conferencing is now available. There is an endless list as to the things the iPad can bring into businesses. Instead of carrying around that large briefcase full of files and documents, just carry an iPad and everything fits on there.

People are always afraid of what may go wrong with their information in the event of a crash of the iPad or even theft. All of that is covered; with modern day technology, everything is backed up on servers over the internet the instant they are accessed or created by the user and so in the event that the device crashes or is stolen, all the files are intact and can always be retrieved again. Unlike the case where a briefcase is misplaced and all the important files are gone forever.

Companies are now able to keep track of all their top employees by giving them iPads to keep track of their daily schedule with the use of a calendar. CEO’s can call meetings at appropriate times because they all have shared calendars that they can access at the same time.

These are just a very few of the benefits that the Apple iPad has brought to the business world. There are many more benefits that can be accessed and this is so because of the freedom to build whatever applications are needed on the Apple App Store.

This is not to say that other tablets have not brought anything to the business environment, they all have. But I make reference to the iPad because it was the first to bring something to the business world. The tablet market was dying away, and laptops were not as portable to move around with, smartphones could not handle as much information as was needed to be handled. The iPad came out and revolutionized the technology industry and similarly all other companies followed in Apple’s wake.

So how have you used the iPad to be more efficient in business? Tell us, we want to know.



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