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Posted On June 13, 2013By OluwaMayowa IdowuIn Burnt Stew, Media

Press Regulation: Absolutely Necessary?

State Regulation of the Press: The Argument for In considering the merits and demerits of state regulation of the press, one argument proposed is the feeling that as the press has evolved, it has taken on too much power and reached a stage where it feels untouchable. The argument being validated to a large extent by the phone hacking scandals and the constant arrests of News International affiliated journalists. Using this reasoning, the belief is that the powers of the press have to be curbed in order to ensure theRead More

Posted On June 12, 2013By OluwaMayowa IdowuIn Burnt Stew, Media

Press Regulation: Another Form of State Control?

State Regulation of the Press: The Argument Against The view propagated by Ian Hislop is particularly significant. It suggests that state regulation of the press allows the state to maintain an element of control over the press thus inhibiting and limiting them from reporting the state with the same vigour and fearlessness that is required. To do otherwise would negate the notion of the press as public watchdogs who exist as a “means of defending the country against corrupt government, by publicising the actions of its rulers”.[1] This ties inRead More

Posted On June 12, 2013By OluwaMayowa IdowuIn Burnt Stew, Media

Press Regulation: An Overview of The Phone Hacking

“If the state regulates the press, then the press no longer regulates the state.”  – Ian Hislop at the Leveson Inquiry   Introduction Over the last couple of years, there has been a strong air of condemnation and criticism of press content and conduct. The general opinion being that these press institutions have been poorly regulated and allowed to become an institution unto themselves; doing as they pleased without any fear of repercussions.  This spirit is encapsulated by the practice within the press world of phone hacking, which generally involvedRead More
Why should someone wake in the morning and put up a property listing for a self-contained room in Yaba and request for a tenant willing to pay 240,000 for a year? It just doesn’t make sense. I got an email a few days ago from ToLet.com.ng. They’re basically a Nigerian website that allows you look through listed properties and book an inspection so you can decide to rent or buy or whatever you do with property. Ignoring the fact that they sent me an email and I’ve never heard aboutRead More
Online shopping and delivery service Jumia (formely Kasuwa and Sabunta) is already failing at deliveries barely 6 months since its launch. Here’s the story of a disgruntled customer who doesn’t wish to be named. Let’s call him “John”. UPDATE: We have been reached by a Jumia staff member who has offered to speak to John and fix the problems. That’s great. John ordered a laptop from Jumia’s website and paid via his debit card. The laptop was delivered 5 weeks after the promised delivery date. When John eventually opened the laptop,Read More
Konga Homepage

Posted On July 20, 2012By Faridah Demola-SerikiIn Burnt Stew, Business, Design

Konga Imitates Soap.com Concept and Layout

The views and opinions expressed in this article are that of the author. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Technesstivity, and/or any other contributors to this site. Earlier today, I was on Linda Ikeji’s Blog and I saw a post about a site called Konga.com that offered “baby, beauty & personal care retailing in Nigeria.” I was impressed because barely three months ago, I came across something similar. As a student in the US living on campus without a car, going to the grocery store canRead More
“On March 11th, 2011, The world was introduced to friday. A “song” by 13 year old artist Rebecca Black, which addressed some of the deepest issues affecting teenagers of today; Deciding what seat to sit on in the car, the relationship between thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, and Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! It was a Ghastly, auto tuned attempt at music, getting creepy when a grown ass man started rapping about driving past school buses, But it was one of those catchy tunes that never quite leaves your head. 88Read More
The internet is a strange ass place… but we love it. I personally love my twitter. I love the concept of it, sharing information and humor (and pictures of your wiener) with loads of strangers.  Twitter has become really popular in Nigeria, with almost a million people tweeting away bits and pieces of their minds and sharing their days with each other.. internet anonymity affords us the opportunity to be whoever we want to be, that’s why you find people living out their fantasies of being “c.e.o”s and “models” andRead More
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Posted On May 28, 2011By JCphoenixxIn Burnt Stew, Flight of the Phoenix

The Internet Disappeared

Last month the internet died… one minute it was there.. i was skyping with this hottie, she was about to strip for me, the next minute it was gone.. i tried everything,  refresh, refresh, refresh, nothing… ctrl+alt+delete.. nope. hard reset.. nothing. i remember thinking, how am i going to survive? it was crazy… why the internet? i mean, seriously, take away fax, post offices, public schools, take away eritrea and bosnia… why the internet? I remember i didnt believe it until i went out to complain to ipnx the NextRead More