What Happened To the MacBook? Apple Killed It.

Apple launched a line of new and improved Mac computers today. The MacBook Air has been upgraded in terms of performance specs and so has the Mac Mini.

But something was missing on the Mac line up on the Apple website. There was no regular MacBook any longer (the white plastic one). The plastic MacBook has been discontinued from today onwards and so Apple has gone for uniformity in their laptop production style.

The regular MacBook was a good choice for lots of people, because it was a lot cheaper than the aluminum MacBooks and held good performance specs, so its discontinuity might be sad for some.

But tell us what you think? Are you happy to see the uniformity in the MacBook line-up? Or were you planning on buying one of them and sad that it’s been taken off? Let us know in the comments box below.

Paul Ogunlowo

Paul Ogunlowo is a technology enthusiast. He loves testing, playing with and owning any and every gadget on the market. He is a Junior student studying Information Technology at Hofstra University in New York. In his spare time he develops websites.

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  • Michelle

    IM PISSED. I was going to buy mine today.. I need one for college. I had just FINALLY saved up. I dont know what to do now.

    • John

      Just go and on the apple website and buy a refurbished one (under store-special deals) they are a lot cheaper and barley used

    • aaron

      who ever might want a macbook you can always go to the apple store button and at the bottom it says special deals and there is some MacBooks that are refurbished and are in good condition and much cheaper

    • Charles

      You can buy mine. I am upgrading soon. I went on the website today and thought it was weird that it was not there (hence me coming to this website). Mine is in great condition. There is just some slight discoloration on the bottom.

    • =Daniel

      dont worry after getting rid of the macbook they brought the macbook air’s price down to $999 (the price of the macbook)

    • Michael

      Buy the $900 macbook air or cough up the extra $200 for a macbookpro

    • Mr.Dippy

      dude, you are getting a dell

    • Bailey

      Buy a 13 inch macbook pro then dude :D

    • jt1

      buy the macbook air (it is 10x smaller and the same price $999 with the alluminum design)
      Downside no cd slot

    • Nathan

      You could get this Refurbished MacBook for $470: http://bit.ly/r78BMT I am planning on getting this too.

    • STEVE


    • anon


    • alana

      I'm upset, I hate the iPad and was going to return it for the white macbook

    • scott

      Get a recon macbook for for the same price as the old macbook.

  • dr1ft


  • Jack

    I was going to buy a macbook this summer where the hell has it gone!

  • Nate

    well, you could always get an air. they have similar if not better specs and are similarly priced…

    • Nate

      Yeah? Honestly, I have had a macbook pro for the past year and I have used my optical drive like twice. I just never need it. There's nothing on a CD that I usually cant get on the internet…
      It's more likely that apple did it because they believe that the cd drive is getting obsolete. This is evidenced by the absence of an optical drive on the new line of mac minis. I wouldn't be surprised if the next generation of macbook pros or maybe the one after it, has no optical drive

    • Chris:)

      optical drives are getting old, everything u want can be downloaded online nowdays for example the "Mac App Store" see how the only way to get the new OSX Lion is through the App Store… plus you can always buy the optical drive that apple made for the air…
      also how are they supposed to make it that thin with an optical drive????

    • S.E.

      unless you actually need storage…lol 64GB flash storage….

      • THELEECH

        yes, but flash storage is much faster than a plain old hard drive

    • guest

      The macbook air doesn't even come close to the tech specs of the original macbook.

  • Paul

    Well, I agree with Nate on that one. You would have to settle for an air with $999, or just add $200 more and get the cheapest Macbook Pro.

  • Too bad

    Yikes. That stinks. The only reason why I decided to give Mac a try was because there was a cheaper model to choose from. Macbook air was cool but it doesn't have a DVD-rom (unless you add one on the side). Guess it will definitely be PC computers for me from here on out.

    • roy

      do not get a pc they suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nate

    Yeah? Honestly, I have had a macbook pro for the past year and I have used my optical drive like twice. I just never need it. There's nothing on a CD that I usually cant get on the internet…

    • tavo

      What about movies, ripping cs´s ? Maybe you´re one of the zombies of itunes store?

  • Sarah

    It's kind of sad that they just killed it, but you can get a macbook pro off amazon for not much more than a normal macbook was.

  • Deepesh

    hell… seems like i dont belong to the family anymore…

    • Cecily

      its okay. =) you will always be my macbook's cousin =)

  • liana

    my macbook got stolen in paris and i was going to get a new one when i got back to the u.s. [in a week], but now … i guess i can't. well, that forces my choice a little bit – i was thinking of getting either the macbook air or the macbook. lol.

  • Joe

    Oh, God! I just got a new MacBook, and just before Apple discontinued it! So the MacBook Air replaced the MacBook! It´s like they have took out the Mac and forgotten to put MacBook back in!

    • terri

      i just got the macbook in the spring, replacing my much for expensive macbook pro that died after three years. it always makes you a little nervous when they discontinue a product that you just purchased. i like the macbook and find it does everything the pro did..for my use anyway.

    • Jan Bueno

      Your a fucking moron. I have a fucking mac book pro dick fuck!

  • Macintosh Vet

    I hate the direction Apple is heading in. Lion basically turns your Mac into an expensive iPad with keys. All of the useful features from Leopard were taken out just for the hell of it (spaces, exposee, the sidebar.) Not to mention that OS X no longer has the uniformity across all applications (three vertical buttons on iTunes. Why?) I guess this was just another one of their brilliant ideas. Keep it up Apple, and you’ll end up just like Microsoft.

    • Nate Miller

      You obviously haven't tried Lion yet then! Pretty much all of the stuff you just mentioned were upgraded, made more useful, streamlined, and given new names! I was a little worried but once I put Lion on all my Mac's I've absolutely loved it!!! Give it a chance and you will too. I don't agree with killing the MacBook line but as far as the "direction of Apple" is concerned I'm not the least bit worried! It seems like people are over reacting a little bit over this.

      Semper Fi
      Nate Miller (Sgt, USMC Retired)

    • roy

      it makes it easer to use


      your an Idiot why are you saying end up just like Microsoft. Microsoft is a software company not hardware. Mac vet I ask you are you a technician if not shut the fuck up you god damn hippy you people make me sick Microsoft this and Microsoft that. 1 more question mac-n-cheese-vet why is it that major corporations and every single computer manufacture in the world use Microsoft? If you answer—– shut the fuck up nuff said hippy

  • Lily

    I was planning on saving up for one, then i found out it was gone and was PISSED. So now I'm saving up and my mom is putting in money and I'm just going to buy the Macbook Pro. My brother has it and he says it's much better than the white Macbook.

  • Sam

    i loved the macbook!! affordable compact and affordable! I have one from 51/2 years ago and was going to upgrade to the newer style when i discovered that they were gone

  • Michelle

    I was going to buy one for college but i know a person that works with apple and he told me dont buy yours now cause they are comming out with an upgraded version of the white macbook it be better but he dint know if it would come out at the same price and really now i dnt know what to expect from apple anymore im just gonna wait till i see what comes out !!!!!!

  • Ally W

    My Macbook is nearly 6 years old now – I love it and have never had a problem. I was going to buy a new, lighter one this week and am devastated it has gone. My parents bought one a few months ago and I love it. I want exactly the same thing but newer; I don't want MacBook Air.
    I agree with the poster above -in a few years they will be just like Microsoft.

  • Kevin

    You know…. If you were to click the option "buy as a student" it drops all their laptops by $100 dollars…. so how I see it is, an extra $99 dollars will get you a better processor, speed upgrade and a awesome new aluminum body compared to that cheapy white plaster one… unless you like the cheaper feel…. go figure….

    • sara

      You know you are a little stupid saying that if we like the white macbook, we are cheap. As a matter of fact, you idiot, the macbook works way better than the pro, so shut up.

  • Megan

    I currently own a MacBook from 2006. I would like to get a newer model because many of my ports are not up to date. However. I HATE the way the aluminum feels. I just hope they release another plastic model of something soon

  • Runo

    I'm pissed this is so stupid !!! I love macbook white.
    I hope they will bring it back

  • Gena

    This is crazy! they cant do that!

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  • Guest

    Just to inform anyone that did not already know, it is possible to share the CD/DVD drive of a Mac or PC with the Macbook Air. That said since the Macbook Air is the same price that the Macbook used to be it is a simple decision to alternitivley buy a Macbook Air. If you absolutely have to have a CD/DVD drive then buy the external drive or a Macbook Pro. Personally i would spend the extra money on the Macbook Pro since it has a 13 inch screen.

  • Mr. D

    Sorry Mac, but I guess I'll be buying a new Dell dude since you thought we all could afford your overpriced Air or Pro!!

  • Nathan

    Looks like I will be getting this Refurbished Macbook from eBay: http://bit.ly/r78BMT The seller is rated good and the MacBook is refurbished, so it looks like I'm getting that someday.

    • roy

      check amazon.com for one to the have pretty good deals on them and that also have good deals on cell phone cases

  • Sanjay

    The MacBook Air is too weak and the pro's are too powerful. Both are overpriced. The MacBook was perfect for someone like me who already had a powerful iMac desktop at home, and just needed a semi-powerful for travelling.

  • roy

    i loved the macbook i was going to get macbook but they didn't have it so i had to get another i want them to make it agin

  • Raquel

    what the hell? I'm mean, poor people have a right to own a mac too (me included) …. Plus i read time and time again that it was their best seller… what happened to it?

  • Molly

    I am hoping something new will come out in place of the MacBook

  • Mad Mel

    Well you can keep your Dell's…I had to buy one for work (oh they are so much cheaper…..my boss told me) YES they are cheap cheap cheap components……Also the pixel spacing is to big and you cannot even make out some small things like periods. After using Macs for the past 15 years I really got accustomed to the superior screens….I was so shocked how poor the PC ones where. Conversely if I spend between 1000 and 1500 you can get good PC hardware ( lets not forget one has to use that pittiful excuse of an interface called Windoze though)….I like the fact Apple doesn't bother the market with this sub standard crap….Dell's (as well as other PC's) web site has doesens of models of the same crap with different ugly plastic cases. I would gladly migrate to a an Air if they made them with a bit bigger screen. I Never use optical drives on a notebook besides you can use the optical drive in a near by wifi PC or Mac if needed (THAT is cool and innovative…thats Apple ; )…that all being said I am sad to see the MB go but I do hope they replace it with a notebook equivalent of the mini.

  • Felinemind

    Dammit. I wish I'd realised this months ago, I've been waiting for them to announce the new Macbook, so that I could one. Now, 'cause I've been holding off I won't be able to afford one.

  • Jack Mehoff

    this is straight HORSESHIT

  • Dana

    Thats the Great thing about Ebay. I got my MacBook from there. Lots cheaper, and I can always find parts.

  • MCBK

    Mac loves their aluminum, it may be light but overheats like crazy. Then you are stuck with the stupid fan noise and burnt "magsafe" cable.

    Too bad, it seems like they are going in the wrong direction. I was hopping they would bring the black MacBook back :(

  • Ernesto

    Bad move, mine works perfectly, never a problem – don't they think of the one who loves them? If Steve were alive this would never happen.

  • Kula G

    Such a shame – I have been a mac fan since the beginning and it seems as much as they upgrade little things are just not functioning or a search for solutions has to be found…. – simple stuff networking dropping out, slow upload, non changeable format features like the calendar style… etc and the thinking is becoming more and more microsoft … sad to see ..

  • AppleLover

    I preferred the Macbook over the Macbook Pro. I hate the feeling of the aluminum body! I purchased my laptop in late 2009, at the time, my laptop was much better than the standard Macbook Pro. Both the standard Macbook Pro and Macbook came with the same exact Processor and Memory; Processor and memory; 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 3MB on-chip shared L2 cache running 1:1 with processor speed, 1066MHz frontside bus, 2GB (two 1GB SO-DIMMs) of 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM; two SO-DIMM slots. The Macbook also came with a larger hard drive, starting with a 250GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard disk drive; whereas the Macbook Pro came stock with the 160GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive. So, why did the Macbook Pro start at such a high price if the Macbook wins the race? Is that lit up keyboard really worth it? Is the SD card slot a make it or break it decision maker? Is that FireWire Port a must? Really, the Macbook starting at $999 was perfect! I still find it a bit funny that my brother thinks his Macbook Pro is better than my Macbook (same year) – I upgraded my Macbook to the max (nearly) and it was STILL cheaper than his Macbook Pro. So I don't have a lit keyboard, darn…