4th Generation MacBook Air Set To Launch This Week?

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It is widely believed that Apple is to announce it’s release of a 4th Generation MacBook Air sometime this week. The MacBook Air has undergone lots of criticism in the past, because of it’s performance specifications, although the size and weight that it comes in is widely appreciated. The new MacBook Air is touted to have the following specifications:

  • Ultra-low voltage Intel Sandy Bridge Processor
  • High-speed Thunderbolt ports
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Mac OS X Lion pre-installed
  • 128GB/256GB solid-state-hard-drive
  • 4GB RAM

These are fantastic specifications for a laptop coming in at less than 3lbs. People usually prefer to go for NetBooks but they never reach such specifications. This laptop/netbook (whatever one might choose to call it) is touted to be the perfect student laptop.

As with all Apple products, the price will usually be a battle. The 4th Generation MacBook Air will begin pricing at about $800 (with a student discount). But tell us what you think. Would you pay the $800 for this laptop or would you rather spend the $800 on a full-blown computer. Let us know in the comments box below.

Paul Ogunlowo

Paul Ogunlowo is a technology lover and enthusiast. He is a Sophomore student studying Information Technology at Hofstra University.

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