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Paul Ogunlowo is a technology enthusiast. He loves testing, playing with and owning any and every gadget on the market. He is a Junior student studying Information Technology at Hofstra University in New York. In his spare time he develops websites.


Posted On February 25, 2014By Paul OgunlowoIn Business, Gadgets, Mobile, Top Stories

Samsung Unveils The Galaxy S5 [SPECS]

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 dubbed  ‘The Next Big Thing’ at their Samsung Unpacked Event at Mobile World Congress yesterday. The Galaxy S5 is the successor of the Galaxy S4 and it improves upon its predecessor in almost every aspect. The Galaxy S5, much like its predecessor, will launch with a 5.1 inch, 1080p display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, just .1 inches bigger than the S4. It also comes packed with a 2.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM. Internal memory options areRead More

Posted On January 29, 2014By Paul OgunlowoIn Business, Gadgets, Mobile

Apple Releases Record Earnings Statement

Tech giant, Apple announced their earnings statement during their conference call and they broke lots of their previous records. 51 million iPhones were sold between November 2013 and January 2014 – an all time quarterly record – up from 47.8 million in the same quarter last year. iPad sales also came in at record highs at 26 million, up from 22.9 million from the same quarter last year. Mac sales weren’t left out in the record-breaking party either, coming in at 4.8 million sold from November to January, up from 4.1Read More
If you are in the market for a new Retina Display Macbook Pro and you are not ready to shell out all the cash for it, then you’re in luck as Apple started selling the refurbished versions of the latest ones. Apple announced its latest line of Retina Display Macbook Pros in October 2013 which are more powerful and pack the latest technologies inside. The equivalent version of the refurbished version on sale is selling for $2,299 while the refurbished is selling for $1,949 saving you about $350. You canRead More

Posted On September 18, 2013By Paul OgunlowoIn Design, Gadgets, Mobile, Top Stories

Get ready for iOS 7 [UPDATE] It’s Available

Today, –drumroll please– the biggest change to iOS since the first iPhone (yes, it’s really that big) will be released to the public in the form of iOS 7. iOS 7 has been highly anticipated since it was announced in June at Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). It has gotten a lot of mixed reactions from people; some saying that it’s the best thing they have ever seen while others say it looks plain horrible, however this is expected with such a huge change to an operating system that soRead More

Posted On September 10, 2013By Paul OgunlowoIn Business, Design, Gadgets, Mobile, Top Stories

First Look At Apple’s iPhone 5S [SPECS]

Alongside the colorful, plastic iPhone 5C, Apple revealed the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S is a direct upgrade to the iPhone 5 which was released around this time last year. The iPhone 5S sports a few new improvements from last years iPhone 5. It comes packed with an all new 64bit A7 processor which Apple says doubles the performance from the previous iPhone and is up to 40 times faster than the original iPhone. According to Apple, this will make gaming and graphics processing on the iPhone 5S much betterRead More

Posted On September 10, 2013By Paul OgunlowoIn Gadgets, Mobile, Top Stories

Apple Introduces The iPhone 5C [FIRST LOOK]

There have been lots of rumors swirling around for a while about Apple introducing a cheaper iPhone and today those rumors were put to rest with the introduction of the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5C is built with plastic and has reinforced steel on the inside. It packs an A6 processor (just like the iPhone 5) and comes with a bigger battery than the iPhone 5, Retina display, 8MP iSight camera and LTE for mobile connectivity. It comes in a variety of colors – Green, Blue, Yellow, RedRead More

Posted On September 5, 2013By Paul OgunlowoIn Mobile

Jelly Bean Now On 45% of Android Devices

Google released the most recent Android statistics, and they are looking good for Google. The percentage of Android devices on Jelly Bean is now at 45%; this is nowhere close to Apple which has 93% of all devices running iOS 6 (their latest operating system) but it is definitely encouraging news. 30% of devices still run on Gingerbread but this number will most likely keep shrinking as people upgrade their phones as well. The number of devices running Jelly Bean will also continue to grow as more and more Android handset manufacturersRead More
  Samsung, today, unveiled its new entrant into the smartwatch industry dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The Galaxy Gear is a smartwatch that will act as a companion to your Galaxy Smartphone and allow you control basic tasks on your smartphone via the watch. In essence, it acts as a second screen for your smartphone and offers convenience in the fact that it allows you to keep your phone in your pocket while still getting alerts of what is going on. You can read your email, check the weather andRead More

Posted On August 3, 2013By Paul OgunlowoIn Entertainment, Media, Mobile

Gidilounge iOS App Review

Gidilounge – the popular Nigerian music player, has been largely enjoyed on the web and for some time on Android now. Gidilounge has now widened their reach to include iPhone users with their recently launched Gidilounge iOS app. We at Technesstivity decided to give you a review of the app. The Gidilounge app is free on the Apple App Store, it is not a large application, so it downloads fairly quickly and installs on the iPhone. When you launch the application, you are presented with a login page in whichRead More

Posted On June 15, 2013By Paul OgunlowoIn Business, Mobile, Top Stories

Microsoft Launches Office for iOS

Yesterday, Microsoft released the Office for Mobile app in the Apple App Store. This idea of Microsoft Office coming to iOS has been on the rumor mill for a very long time and it’s about time we finally saw the release. As excited as everyone must be for this launch, it is important to know that you will need an Office 365 subscription for you to be able to use the app which sucks for the majority of people who just have the Microsoft Office suite installed without an OfficeRead More