iROKO Partners Enters Nollywood DVD Market in South Africa


iROKO Partners, the company that brings you Nollywood movies on the  iROKOtv platform has announced that it will be entering the DVD market for Nollywood movies in South Africa. The company said it will launch with 10,000 new titles on DVD.

 The new distribution channel will have ten of iROKOtv’s most popular Nollywood films available on DVD at a cost of R30 and are now on sale at Johannesburg’s local shops and markets including Soweto, Kempton Park, Rosettenville and Randburg.

Jason Njoku, the companies CEO said

 “Access is the immediate challenge for VOD companies here. Until Africa comes online, DVDs will continue to be the primary platform to consume content, which is why iROKOtv has now entered the DVD market.”

The official launch of  iROKOtv’s new DVDs will be at THE OPEN in Johannesburg.

This move is very unusual for a company that rose from providing content on the internet. Is iROKO saying online content overrated or is its iROKOtv+ platform not doing as well as expected?

We’ll be watching the space to see how iROKO’s competitors and the market responds to this. Meanwhile, what do you think about this move?

Victor Nneji

Tech Fanatic. Enrolled on a Computing for Business course at Aston University, Birmingham. Attended Dowen College Lagos. Nigerian. Follow me on twitter @Vicneji.

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