Microsoft Unveils New Surface Tablet

Microsoft just unveiled its Surface Tablet at its event held at Los Angeles on Monday, June 18. It packed some interesting features which include a full-sized USB port, a kickstand and 9.3mm thickness. It runs on an ARM processor and is housed in a magnesium alloy case. Its most notable feature though, is its 3mm thick Touch Cover.

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Surface will come in 32GB and 64GB ARM RT varieties and separately with Intel processors. Its price and release dates have not yet been announced but a full list of its specs can be downloaded here.

Since its release, the Internet went crazy about the possible future for this new tablet. Will it be another Zune or should the iPad be worried?


Image Source: Joyoftech

Forrester’s Sarah Rotman Epps noted:

Microsoft will be its own worst enemy in this market. More so than Apple or Google, the worst thing that could happen to Microsoft’s Windows RT tablet is Windows 8 on x86. Selling x86-based tablets in the same retail channels as Windows RT tablets will confuse consumers and sow discontent if consumers buy x86 and think they’re getting something like the iPad. Microsoft and its partners need to articulate a compelling strategy for how they will manage consumer expectations in the channel. Consumers aren’t used to thinking about chipsets. Choice is a key tenet of Windows, but too much choice is overwhelming for consumers. Apple gets this, and limits iPad options to connectivity, storage, and black…or white.”

What do you guys think about the Microsoft Surface?

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