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BlackBerry For Sale

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No, we aren’t selling BlackBerrys at discounted prices. BlackBerry Ltd., formerly RIM, announced it formed a committee Monday to “strategic alternatives,” one of which includes selling the company. This isn’t that much of a shocker considering it’s been speculated for years. Plus, they announced the same thing last year but didn’t form a committee, so this time it seems likely that the company will soon be in the hands of another tech giant.

Maybe not necessarily even. Potential buyers can be financial or strategic, i.e. it could just be a buyout and they get to operate the same way or a buyer can buy and control BlackBerry’s assets “such as its network operating centers, its security features and the popular BlackBerry Messenger application.”

Of course, many of the potential buyers on the strategic end are its direct competitors including Microsoft. The two companies have partnered before for a patent licensing deal and it would be so crazy if our April Fool’s joke last year became a reality.

Source: Globe And Mail

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