Twitter Begins to Roll Out Its Photosharing service[PICS]

We heard about this a few months ago, Twitter began rolling out its Photosharing service on Wednesday morning[GMT+1]. Users can upload images via a camera icon at the bottom left on the tweet box. The photos are hosted by Photobucket.

In the last months, we’ve seen Twitter add third party services to the main site with tools like link shortening. Twitter says it’ll also create a gallery where users can view all the photos they’ve shared on other services like yfrog and TwitPic. Here are a few screenshots of how the service works.

The camera icon acts as the upload button. A thumbnail of the upload shows after upload

For older browsers, the name of the image shows instead of a thumbnail

After upload, the image can be viewed by clicking the tweet

What do you think? Is Twitter biting the hands that fed its ecosystem with this service? Leave us a comment.


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