The Twitter Takeover. Up Next: Link Shortening

Twitter has been making a series of bold moves recently, seemingly in order to take over some of the more popular responsibilities that have previously been help by 3rd party applications. These include their acquisition of TweetDeck and their recent introduction of new services.

This trend seems to be continuing as Twitter announced, in a blog post on Tuesday, that it is be rolling out a new link shortening feature which would allow its users to simply enter a link in the tweet box along with their tweets, and on clicking the tweet button, the link will be shortened to become no more than 19 characters. This should allow for a more streamlined link sharing process for Twitter browser users everywhere.

Link before Shortening

Link as Tweet


What do you think about these new features? Is Twitter taking good, innovative steps, or just biting the hands that currently feed its ecosystem? Let us know in the comments.


Dunni Abiodun

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