Smartphone Showdown: The iPhone Now Second Place in U.S. Market

Last time we wrote about a smartphone showdown there wasn’t a literal one, it was just your everyday competition in the market. This time, the plot gets thicker as, according to a new report, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry fell to the third spot in the U.S. smartphone market and Apple’s iPhone moved into number 2, right behind Google’s Android phones.

According to research firm ComScore, BlackBerrys have been the second most popular smartphone in America since January. RIM used to be number one but they got knocked down when Google’s Android came along and became popular.

Android got a 36.4% share of the market, while the iPhone had 26% and RIM fell to third place with a 25.7% share, down from 30.4% they had in the three-month period that ended late January. This was from the three-month period that ended April 30.


About 74.6 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during this period, up 13% from the previous three-month period, ComScore said.

In fourth place behind Google, Apple and RIM comes Microsoft’s Windows Phone with a 6.7% share during the period, down from the previous 8%, and then came HP’s Palm phones with a 2.6% share, down also from 3.2% in the previous period.


Let the race begin. This relates to the post we did about RIM going down, it just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

With more people wanting the latest in technology, smartphones are what they are turning to.

[OPINION] Also, with nothing more to offer over the others than BBM, RIM is going to have to pick up the slack big time, if not they could end up where Nokia is right now, and even they’re trying to pick themselves back up well enough.

What smartphone do you have? Do you think it’s up to par with the rest of them? Share your thoughts below.


Faridah Demola-Seriki

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