Nintendo Reveals Streamlined Wii

Nintendo has announced that it would be releasing a slightly redesigned version of the Wii console in time for the Christmas holidays. This new streamlined Wii will come in a bundle with Wii Party and Wii Sports. But wait, there’s more; also included with the bundle will be the new Wii Remote Plus Controller and a Nunchuk. Nintendo has referred to this as the “Family Edition” bundle and for now it is only going to be released in the UK, at a reduced holiday... Read More

Nintendo Re-Joins Video Game Battle

Japanese gaming giant, Nintendo has joined in the race to be the ultimate gaming console provider. Nintendo introduced the Wii U at their most recent E3 conference. The Nintendo Wii U is different from conventional video games in very many ways, which will begin to tell you about. The Nintendo Wii U has joined in on high definition gaming, boasting a 1080p output from an HDMI enabled port. The first Wii console was unable to compete with the other consoles in the market on... Read More