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Posted On July 9, 2014By Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)In Gaming, Top Stories, Uncategorized

E3 2014 Review Part I

It’s been a month since E3 kicked off this year with Microsoft’s stellar press conference, followed by press conferences from EA, Ubisoft and Sony all on the same day. Let’s start with the long awaited sequels. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC and it features Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey who plays the story’s main antagonist. This title drops November 4, 2014. Assassin’s Creed Unity The latest iteration of Assassin’s Creed plays as good asRead More

Posted On April 6, 2014By Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)In Gaming, Social Media, Uncategorized

Table Soccer For Android: The Nostalgia Trip

I may not need to remind anyone about a little game we played when we were younger, that involved two goalposts made of paper, a little ball made of paper and a lot of bottle caps or in some cases more paper. If you never knew that you’ll know how the game is played in a second. Table Soccer is a game by ChopUP Games developed using the Unity Game Engine, it’s a somewhat fresh take of the classic “Table Soccer” game. In Table Soccer players select from 3 free bottleRead More

Posted On February 19, 2014By Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)In Entertainment, Gaming, Social Media, Top Stories, Uncategorized

75,000 People Play The Largest Pokemon Game Ever

For a whole week thousands of players have been playing Pokemon Red/Blue at TwitchPlaysPokemon and you can be a part of the hilarity as well. Why ‘hilarity’? Well that’s because TwitchPlaysPokemon is a channel on the game-streaming site Twitch that turns chat comments into controller inputs, parsing hundreds of thousands of ups, downs, and starts and translating them into in-game movements. The results rarely create coherent movements, but yet the participants have defeated half of the gym leaders in the game. The sheer randomness is so much so that currently there is a chatRead More

Posted On February 15, 2014By Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)In Gaming, Mobile, Uncategorized

Threes Is The Addictive Puzzle Game For iOS That You’ve Never Heard Of

Threes is a little game you never heard of because Flappy Bird took over the world in the same week that Threes launched. It was created by Asher Vollmer and it’s only on iOS.  If you enjoy matching puzzle games like Candy Crush, then Threes should make you feel right at home. It’s formula is east to learn but difficult to master.  In Threes users must match up tiles to form larger numbers. 1 and 2 tiles go together to form a 3. Once you hit three you can only pair a number withRead More
In the spirit of Christmas and Christmas cheer, we’re placing everyone on our team for auction. Because, money. We’ll be having a Christmas “meet and eat” on Sunday this week. To secure your date with any of these cuu keeds, type their name in the comments and along with your bid price. Bids start from N100. You’ll get to join us for lunch and discuss whatever. (Lunch means lunch (i.e. there will be food (i.e. we will actually eat))) We’ve also added Bankole Oluwafemi of TechCabal and Jesse Oguntimehin ofRead More
I had the pleasure  of talking to a pioneer and the founding partner of Sonbim Games. Idamiebi “Idams” Ilamina-Eremie, the Project Lead of Titi Tilapia. Sonbim Games recently released an Android application package file that is the open beta version of their game Titi Tilapia. Sonbim Games is a homegrown indie game development studio, they are regarded as the first of their kind and they are doing their best to make  a point – Nigeria can develop games as well as any Rovio or EA Mobile around. AO: Tell meRead More
Facebook, in a media event today, announced that it would be bringing video to Instagram on both the iOS and Android platforms. Facebook says it aims to make video creation and sharing as easy as possible. With this new feature, the general User Experience of the app remains mostly the same in the update with the main difference being the addition of a video camera button which allows users capture up to 15 seconds of video which the user could them apply some editing to and post to their InstagramRead More

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Apple Unveils iOS 7

    Apple unveiled its latest mobile operating system, iOS 7 at its Word wide developer conference (WWDC) which just kicked off yesterday. The highly anticipated OS which has been rumoured to sport a completely new look did just that. For the first time since the iPhone was announced, iOS in iOS 7 was given a UI overhaul. All-new Design iOS 7 went through a thorough facelift from the lock screen to every other inch of UI you will see on the display. The difference is good enough to make the experience brandRead More
It’s with a heavy heart and a bag of sadness that we’re announcing this. It’s been two great years of work, a lot of sleepless nights and awesome tech stuff(don’t act like you don’t love us). Running a small media company like we do is a lot of work. Especially when there’s no funding and we have all of our team working remotely to get this done as fast as possible. We will therefore be shutting down this tech blog on the 30th of April. We’ll export all posts toRead More
At a media exclusive BlackBerry 10 demo this week, RIM hinted at the possibility of BlackBerry 10 smartphones hitting Nigeria at the same time as other priority markets in the world. The phones will be on the market after a global launch on January 30, 2013. Yes, the global launch includes Nigeria. There will be two BlackBerry 10 smartphones at launch. One smartphone will be a full touchscreen experience and the other will be a hybrid smartphone like the BlackBerry Bold 9900. The demo in Lagos highlighted features of theRead More