FIFA 13: F*** You Ref!

The referees of the soon to come FIFA 13 have been receiving their fair share of the spotlight prior to the fall release of the game. There are rumors that FIFA 13 will have a Be A Referee Mode, where players will be able to call fouls, free kicks, handout cards and all the other good stuff in a referee’s job description. This feature has not been officially announced, so don’t get excited about showing the likes of Pepe several red cards.

Another referee related feature for FIFA 13 that is in fact confirmed, involves the Kinect and Xbox 360. A new voice recognition feature will enable players to vocally issue commands to their teams and of course, be heard by referees when using bad language against them.

To be fair, that WAS offside.

It sounds nice to be able to make substitutions and change formations with voice control but using it to command your player to shoot seems a bit off.

Would you want a Be A Referee Mode in FIFA 13? Here’s a mini Be A Referee mode for readers: FIFA 13 or PES 2013? I know Pro Evolution Soccer has been losing out this year but it could make a come back. Please leave any comments below.

Demolu Dabiri

Demolu Dabiri is a freshman doing the Liberal Studies Program at New York University. His curiosity is piqued by anything even slightly technological but gaming is his forté. If you want to contact me about anything game/technology related or just say hi: Tweet me @aydabiri or find me on Facebook.

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  • muyosanspeaks

    I would love to ref against the likes of Drogba and Busquets. I go like do 'ika' for Messi lol