Twitpic Founder Launches Twitter Clone: Heello

When Twitter announced it was going to launch it’s photosharing service, it didn’t call twitpic into its plans. Twitter’s photosharing service launched yesterday and is directly in competition with Twitpic. This is revenge. Twitpic founder, Noah Everett has unveiled “Heello” a twitter clone. Heello is like twitter in everyway except a change in few keywords.

Instead of ‘tweets’ users send ‘pings’, instead of ‘retweets’, you send ‘echoes’ instead of  ’following’ you ‘listen’. The only difference is that updates appear in your timeline as they are posted so you might miss a few updates if you want to click on them.

Heello has also got Facebook and Twitter integration so you can send your ‘pings’ to other networks. Noah Everett told VentureBeat that Heello will soon support Checkins, Video, SMS integration, Mobile apps and a Channels feature like Twitter lists.

This website could just be a publicity stunt. It could also be something very real. If there’s something entrepreneurs are known for, it’s going against the norm and against what everybody is saying.

What do you think about Heello? Is it dead on arrival? Leave us a comment.

Source: Mashable via VentureBeat


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