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Posted On July 9, 2014By Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)In Gaming, Top Stories, Uncategorized

E3 2014 Review Part I

It’s been a month since E3 kicked off this year with Microsoft’s stellar press conference, followed by press conferences from EA, Ubisoft and Sony all on the same day. Let’s start with the long awaited sequels. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC and it features Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey who plays the story’s main antagonist. This title drops November 4, 2014. Assassin’s Creed Unity The latest iteration of Assassin’s Creed plays as good asRead More

Posted On March 24, 2014By Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)In Business, Gaming, Top Stories

Ubisoft Reveals Assassin’s Creed Unity

Rumors have been about town concerning an “Assassin’s Creed V” game. Only just now do we get to see what that game is. So feast your peepers on this. Assassin’s Creed Unity will be set in 18th Century Paris and as you might have seen, it is slated for December 2014. The blockbuster franchise is for next-gen consoles and PC only. On the other hand there are rumours of an Assassin’s Creed game for Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 code-named Comet. Ubisoft promises it’s all in-game footage while mostRead More
Meet The Steam Machines

Posted On January 24, 2014By Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)In Gadgets, Gaming, Top Stories

CES Aftermath: Rise of The Steam Machines

In the past year console gaming has found new competition in mobile gaming; we saw more powerful devices, added integrated support for developers and the major publishers are starting to make a commitment to providing fun things for you to play on your mobile power houses. We even saw some very innovative ways that manufacturers and developers have tried to cross the boundaries platforms and merge gaming audiences. Yesterday Valve announced one such way, thirteen such ways that they are bringing PC gaming to the living room and at theRead More

Posted On February 5, 2013By Victor NnejiIn Business

Dell Goes Private For $24.4 Billion

PC making giants, Dell, confirms that it is going private in a $24.4 billion, or $13.65 a share deal. Dell’s Founder and CEO Michael Dell, who has 14 percent of Dell shares teamed up with Silver Lake Partners to acquire the company while Microsoft is also pushing in a $2 billion loan. The deal is subject to shareholder approval and should be wrapped up before the close of Dell’s fiscal second quarter, which ends in July. If approved, the deal would be the largest corporate privatization since the financial crisis. The deal will allowRead More

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‘Get your Google Back’ On Windows 8 [VIDEO]

Windows 8 officially launched today, and Microsoft is definitely making a big deal of the OS and their new Surface tablet. Millions of customers are expected to download Windows 8 and have that as their default OS. The move to the new OS will definitely be a big win in terms of search for Microsoft since they have Bing and Internet Explorer integrated with the OS but Google is not giving up the battle of the search engines just yet. They came up with a very funny video and aRead More
Windows 8 Launch

Posted On July 19, 2012By Paul OgunlowoIn Business, Gadgets, Top Stories

Microsoft Sets Windows 8 Launch Date

October 26th is the day that you will be able to get your hands on a final release version of Windows 8. President, Windows and Windows Live Division, Steven Sinofsky, made the announcement yesterday at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting. Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Windows and is set to have the Metro UI that can be found on Windows Phone handsets and Xbox 360 consoles, thereby giving Windows a unified look across various platforms. The upgrade would be available through windows.com and anyone with Windows XP or laterRead More

Posted On January 18, 2012By Demolu DabiriIn Gaming, Top Stories

Nigeria’s First PC Game: Titi Tilapia

We thank God oh… Nigerians have finally entered the gaming scene. Sonbim Games, lead by Idamiebi “Snail” Ilamina-Eremie, have brought us Titi Tilapia. Titi is the purple tilapia fish in the image above. She returns to her home one fine day only to find that someone broke in and stole her eggs. Elder Chinedu, her snail friend, tells her that it was the work of the evil octupus, Okoro. Okoro wants to prevent more fish from being born so that the seas may be dominated by octupi only. Titi and herRead More

Posted On January 14, 2012By Demolu DabiriIn Gadgets, Gaming

Razer’s Gaming Tablet: Project Fiona

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Razer has revealed a prototype for their gaming tablet. The prototype is currently operating under the alias, Project Fiona. Razer is a well-renowned maker of gaming hardware. Last year at the CES, they revealed a prototype for the Switch Blade; a bad ass really impressive gaming laptop which will be launched officially in a few months. Project Fiona’s tag line, “It’s a Tablet. It’s a PC.” has led me to believe that it is both a tablet AND a PC (?). Okay according toRead More

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CES 2012: Windows To Get Kinect In February

It was announced at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show that Microsoft’s Kinect will be coming to Windows PC on the 1st of February. Yes, that soon! The only issue is that there is no sign of a Kinect compatible game for the PC. Okay that’s not the only issue; Where is Kinect for Mac?! Mac users deserve to experience this new era of computer gaming as well. For professional reasons, I won’t get into the frustrated-Mac-gamer rant. If you plan on buying the Kinect for Windows, you should know thatRead More

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Game of Thrones Comes To Game Consoles In 2012

  I believe that by now most people are familiar with the hit HBO television series, Game of Thrones. If you’re not, please briefly minimise this window, go and procure season one of the show, watch it and re-maximise this window. The Game of Thrones series is simply epic and in 2012 gamers will be able to experience this as HBO and Cyanide Studios have announced plans to develop a Game of Thrones action RPG for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Publishers of the game, Atlus, had this toRead More