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How To Promote Your Brand Using Social Media

free-grungy-social-media-iconsOne of the first, and best, things you need to know about social marketing is it’s a free means of promoting your brand and doing it with great efficiency. Of course, there are a handful of options online where you may need to spend some cash but those will be rather low in cost compared to other methods of promotion.

As international access goes, you can target select large groups of people online. These are your potential consumers with whom you can interact directly through chat features or email and meet their demands with your supply. It’s so easy that brand promotion online becomes fun to do. Your brand is sure to have a marketing message attached to it, which will reach a much wider audience online through social media promotion methods.

Step 1 – Creating A Plan

Know who your target customers are. For instance, if you’re selling furniture then office execs and housewives will be one of the target denominations to approach. Once you know the ‘who’, involve yourself in social media sites and domains that have a lot of these kinds of people.

Age group is yet another factor to consider. For instance, there will be more 25-35 year olds on YouTube than on other less well known social sites. It’s been one of the best places to learn and practice how to make money on YouTube by creating a fan base and joining the site’s Partner Program.

Facebook is a more extensive all-rounder when it comes to having a diverse age group and Twitter and Google+ come next for quick and brief approaches to marketing.

The next plan on your conference table should be crafting an ideal social marketing strategy. This phase of planning should target your audience’s interests and needs, what they’ll like and how they will like to see it.

Step 2 – Content Creation

Written content of all sorts go up online (just like this article you’re reading) and they serve to promote your brand in incredible ways. Sharing content, which you have had written using keywords and attractive phrases that will appeal to your target audience, is a good idea.

Share it through social media sites and you basically widen your net to catch more and more potential customers. This content needn’t just take the form of articles or blog entries but can also be images and videos. As long as your message is useful to your customers and is something fresh for them to see and read they will help take it to the next level.

Step 3 – Keeping Your Image Up

This is an often overlooked concept. After all, you’re promoting you’re brand on several different social media sites and are aiming to attract several different customer types. You need to keep your brand image consistent.

The design, picture, colors, logo, size and other factors used to represent your brand has to be easy to remember and recognize. Changing it too often can be a mistake. Enhancing it occasionally is alright, but you must consider that what’s familiar to you is not yet familiar with your potential audience. Keeping your image up with them will take some maintaining.


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