Google Wallet to Challenge Groupon

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The recently invented Google Wallet is to launch sometime in the summer and it threatens to pose a challenge for Groupon. Groupon is America’s deal of the day website that finds a deal in your local area and presents the discounts to whatever customers are signed up. Google had attempted to acquire Groupon in the last quarter of 2010 for 6 billion USD but Groupon turned down the offer. Since then Google has been attempting to come up with their own form of a “Deal of the Day” offer, and Google Wallet has offered that feature called Google Offers. This may potentially be Groupon’s first competitor as the whole “Deal of the Day” offer is new to the internet market. Google Offers may take a while to become widespread as Google Wallet comes in a special package on android devices and only on a select few during its launch. So it may take a while for Google Offers to become widespread and available to the public and so Groupon may still be safe for the time-being. But tell us what you think, do you think Google Offers has a shot at being a main competitor for Groupon? Or is the lack of accessibility of Google Wallet going to hamper its ability to become a major challenger?

Paul Ogunlowo

Paul Ogunlowo is a technology lover and enthusiast. He is a Sophomore student studying Information Technology at Hofstra University.

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