Hopstop Discontinues Android App

A couple of months ago, we wrote about Apple’s acquisition of Hopstop – an app that gives pretty darn good public transit directions.

On my commute today, I kept getting an error message from the app, and I thought it was just a bug until I had this message pop up where my directions are meant to be:


My guess is Apple is merging Hopstop’s services into iOS Maps and no, they don’t want Android users in on it. Doing so would give Android users a one up over iPhone users who already use Google Maps instead of the one that comes pre-installed.

Anyone else using Hopstop on Android? What do you guys think?

Faridah Demola-Seriki

Faridah Seriki has been interested in technology since she got her hands on a desktop when she was eight. She founded Technesstivity after releasing a successful blog she made for class combining her passion for both journalism and technology. Faridah graduated from Vivian Fowler in 2009 and lives in New York where she graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism

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  • Naija Ninja

    I get the motive but I don’t think it’ll be enough to get Android users to switch sides.

  • Ofili

    i think it is a bitch move by apple.

  • LuvMyOpenSource

    I was a dedicated apple owner for years. Until the glass screened iphone hit, and I opted for the HTC G-1 in 2008. Since then it’s been a series of bitch moves (excuse me, big corporation acting like one moves). Apple is doing the same things that brought them to their knees in decades past. They’re done; they just don’t know it yet.