Google Doodle Celebrates Valentine’s Day And George Ferris’ Birthday



Today’s Google Doodle tells us two stories. The first is the 154th birthday of the inventor of the Ferris wheel -  George Ferris. The wheel was invented for Chicago World’s Colombia Exposition despite fears that the wheel was unsafe.

The second is the story of love between animals because Google just doesn’t get tired of telling us love stories every year.

The doodle has a theme of an amusement park. You’ll see two Ferris wheels representing the “oo” in “Google” and a heart-shaped button to activate them. Hitting the button shows activity on both wheels for a few seconds and then we see images of love between different animals.

The other letters on “Google” are represented by Roller coasters.

Back to the animals in love. Is Sergey Brin bringing us world peace as a Google product?


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