Xbox 720 Leak: Real or Fake?

So recently a 56 page document concerning the Xbox 720 surfaced on Scribd. You can check the page where the document used to be here but, it should say “This content was removed at the request of Covington & Burling LLP”. Covington & Burling LLP are lawyers of Microsoft.”


When asked to comment on the leaked documents, Microsoft responded saying, ”We do not comment on rumors or speculation.” I don’t think a rumormonger would have the time or energy to formulate a 56 page document and upload it on to the internet. Furthermore, a 56 page speculation sounds like it could be worth commenting on – at least tell us what’s true or false about it before having it removed from the internet. Lastly, I’m not too well versed in cyber law but if it’s not the property of Microsoft then why do they have the right to remove it from the internet? And then there’s the important part, what info the leak contained about the Xbox 720.

First, there was the obvious boring stuff like the massive RAM, tricked out CPU cores, a couple of GHz of something and a few more GHz of another. Another obvious improvement to be expected is a Blu-ray player. Also, there was some details about potential 3D output that would work with the glasses.

 The new concept that the document brought forward was “Fortaleza”, the glasses which would supposedly introduce augmented reality to gameplay. Look at the image below and see what you make of the project.

The unbelievable part of all this is that the console has been given a $299 price tag, Kinect 2.0 inclusive. I would have expected a more hefty price but I’m not complaining. If this information is actually legit, I hope there is a lot more to the Xbox 720 because the specs mentioned in the document makes it sound like a Wii 2 instead.

I can’t tell you what to believe, 2013 will probably tell us if the leaked documents were legit or not. In the meantime, opinions are welcome.

Demolu Dabiri

Demolu Dabiri is a freshman doing the Liberal Studies Program at New York University. His curiosity is piqued by anything even slightly technological but gaming is his forté. If you want to contact me about anything game/technology related or just say hi: Tweet me @aydabiri or find me on Facebook.

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