Xbox 720 To Unveil in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2013

Microsoft is reportedly planning to release its next console in time for the 2013 holiday season. According to a new rumor via Bloomberg, people “familiar with the company’s plans” say the new system is aiming to take advantage of Thanksgiving and Christmas sales. The sources chose to remain anonymous “because the product road map is confidential.” Microsoft Xbox spokesman David Dennis declined to comment to Bloomberg.

Earlier this year, a leaked 56-page document detailed the Xbox 720. Code-named “Durango”, the next-generation console is said to offer features such as a Blu-ray drive and the next version of Kinect, with a retail price reportedly being set at $299. The road-map also suggests an all new immersive display experience.

Microsoft recently went on a domain name shopping spree, snapping up a whole bunch of Xbox-related URLs. One of them, and the one that immediately catches the eye, is Could this mean that the next Xbox could be called the Xbox Infinity? It’s just speculation at the moment, but it’s possible! Furthermore, Microsoft recently filed a patent about projecting augmented reality 3D images onto the walls of the room you’re gaming in, to more fully immerse you in the experience. The code-name for this project is ‘Fortaleza’ and has Kinect at its heart. It is all supposed to work with WiFi enabled Fortaleza glasses much like Google’s Project Glass glasses.

Microsoft isn’t trying very hard to hide its tracks, a leaked document, a leaked developer kit, new domains, new job adverts and a security beef-up at Redmond, WA. Being slightly obvious, these things create anticipation which will go a long way in sales predictions upon launch. Now, will we see something at E3 2013 or at a separate event like Xbox 360 in 2005?

Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)

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