YouTube tests new layout for Channels, Videos and Playlists

We’ve seen a lot of Google products get redesigned in the past week. YouTube has announced through its blog that it is testing a new interface for watching video called ‘Cosmic Panda’. The new interface is part of YouTube’s TestTube program.

When a user enters Cosmic Panda, YouTube suggests you checkout a video of ‘Nyan Cat’ or you go to 1 of 3 channels(The Young Turks, The Cheezburger Network or HBO) and a playlist of Rick Rolls.

On the channels, there’s a new header and you can switch from other featured channels to the Channel’s Videos and the Community via buttons at the top.

When watching a video, the video rests on a black background instead of the former white, while the user can switch from comments to to suggested videos via 2 buttons beneath the video. To resize, there are buttons on the far right of the tab to do that.

The Playlists page hasn’t really changed except the shuffle button is gone and videos are easier to resize.

To try it out head to and tell us what you think? Should YouTube stick to this design?


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