iPhone 4: Apple Starts Shipping Unlocked Phones

Apple has finally begun to ship the iPhone 4 in its unlocked version. Unlocked meaning that the phone will now be shipped without either AT&T or Verizon Wireless being the official carrier of the phone; one will now be able to buy the unlocked version of the phone and obtain a micro-SIM card from whatever mobile operator and insert it into the iPhone 4.




People using other carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint Wireless will now be able to use the iPhone legally on their networks. Although T-Mobile will be able to support the iPhone 4, it will not be able to provide speeds that match that of AT&T and Verizon Wireless due to its difference in communication technologies.

This new unlocked phone would be most beneficial to those who own iPhones and travel frequently; they will now be able to obtain micro-SIM cards wherever they go and use the phone on the go. Hopefully networks like MTN and Glo Mobile would be able to support the huge data needs of the iPhone 4 so we can tap into its benefits as well.

The 16GB and 32GB versions of the phone will sell for $649 and $749 respectively. One can now avoid contracts the mobile operators tie them down to for at least 2 years and avoid having to go through various illegal means to unlock the phone.

This is the first time Apple is letting it’s product out of its control. Do you think it is a smart business move on their part? Or is it going to make them lose control of this certain product? Tell us what you think below.

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