Winners Emerge From Co-Creation Hub’s Tech-In-Ed Hackathon

AFter 3 days of brainstorming and hacking out, winners emerged from the Tech-In-Education Hackathon. The hackathon is an initiative of CC-Hub to bring people with ideas together with programmers and other stakeholders to solve educational challenges Nigerians face. The Winner got funding of $3,000 from Co-Creation hub, while the 1st and 2nd runners-up got $2000 and $1500 respectively. Now the hub isn’t giving out cash. The money will be available to the teams via Co-creation hub whenever they need to pay for hosting, development, design, etc. This is to ensure proper management of funds.

The winners are below and are arranged in descending order

1. Efiko

Efiko[formerly Genius Games] Efiko is an interactive quiz application developed with the collaboration of school teachers to improve Nigerian students’ thirst more for knowledge. Efiko is available for Android, iOS and JAVA/Symbian and has a social bit that allows users post to facebook and twitter after certain questions are answered and certain levels reached. I’ve been at the hub for the past 3 days and I was wowed that the guys on the team could get a running prototype withing that time frame. Follow @EfikoApp and like them on Facebook 

2. Asa

Asa[formerly Genii Games] is ‘culture’ in Yoruba. It is a mobile/web application that aims to teach local Nigerian languages. The site enables users pick up a local language and then improve on vocabulary in the long run. Parents can pay for subscriptions to teach their children local Nigerian languages. All of you who can’t speak a local language[Gabriella], something is coming to fix that. I loved the guy that did this presentation. Baba Ade and Mama Ade will surely love this too :)

3. TWIK[Teach What I Know]

Worked with the team at Twik during the hackathon. Teach What I Know is a collaborative peer-to-peer platform for Knowledge sharing that enables users upload/download text, images, audio and video as well as collaborate via comments. Twik hopes to have premium content from publishers as well as moderation from teachers and parents. Let me stop there :) . Follow @TwikNG and like their Facebook page 

It’s been a great experience for me. You know, just working with the team and seeing how startups bring ideas, remove them and modify. It’s been absolutely wonderful. So a big thank you to the team at Co-Creation Hub for the platform.

Can someone get us a link to Asa’s page? Thanks


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  • Gabriella

    Asa should be fun, let us know when you get the link to the page

    • Binjo

      I’ll definitely do that :)