China Overtakes The US As Largest Smartphone Market

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To think taking US jobs was not enough, a recent report from researchers at  Strategy Analytics has revealed that China is now the largest Smartphone market in the world. The feat was met over the third quarter of smartphone shipments and it was estimated that 23.9m smartphones were shipped in China versus the 23.3m shipped in the US during the same period. This lead is nonetheless indicative of increased revenue for vendors as the US still leads in total revenue generated from unit sales.

With a population base of over a billion and the recent proliferation of 3G networks in China, it comes as no surprise that an exponential increase in Smartphone usage was inevitable. It is also believed that mobile phone usage in the country will exceed one billion by May 2012. Of note are the big players in the Chinese smartphone market with Nokia and Samsung leading the pack from shipping 6.8m and 4.2m devices respectively. Their combined market share in China stands at 46% in contrast to the HTC and Apple dominated 44.6% market share in the US.

Nokia’s lead is entirely based on their Symbian Legacy OS with Lumia Windows Phone shipments expected to start in early 2012. Symbian’s continued dominance in emerging markets supports Nokia’s claim that it will still be integral in connecting the next billion people. Currently, only one carrier, China Unicom, sells the iPhone and the three major Chinese operators are shifting gears and focusing on Android devices. One would have to wonder how long Nokia can sustain its reign as number one. Until then, the Chinese seem to have this round. We wait for your move US operators.

Source: Strategy Analytics via Rethink Wireless


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