Nintendo 3DS XL To Launch In August

What do you do when your portable gaming console has lost steam and is no longer doing so well in the markets? Improve the software? Add new features? No, don’t be silly. You make it bigger! Nintendo has employed their winning formula again by announcing the launch of the Nintendo 3DS XL in August.

This is actually a very sneaky move from Nintendo seeing as the E3 just happened and they did not say a word about this. What’s their aim? The obvious one is to piss off the people who bought the 3DS a day before the announcement.

Nintendo isn’t joking when they say XL. The 3DS XL’s screen is 90% larger than that of the original 3DS. Here is an image, courtesy of Kotaku, to show you the size difference and compare it with some of your other favorite portable gaming devices.

So clearly, the iPhone is outmatched in terms of screen size but the 3DS still has nothing on its retina display. I also wonder how easily you can fit these XL sized devices in an average sized pocket.

Size isn’t the sole difference between the XL and the original. The XL also has better battery life because it makes perfect sense to ensure that the less portable device can be carried around for a longer period without being charged.

The Nintendo 3DS XL has been assigned a $199 price tag for its US release and as usual, my sympathies go out to those who just bought the original 3DS. Cherish your device’s portability.

Demolu Dabiri

Demolu Dabiri is a freshman doing the Liberal Studies Program at New York University. His curiosity is piqued by anything even slightly technological but gaming is his forté. If you want to contact me about anything game/technology related or just say hi: Tweet me @aydabiri or find me on Facebook.

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