Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ [VIDEOS]

Yesterday, Microsoft announced an update to the Windows Phone 7 OS, ‘Mango’. Mango is an update that focuses on an improved user experience and more integrated services. Here’s a list of updates Microsoft added:

Adding Twitter and LinkedIn to the list of integrated services

Ability to create contact groups (friends, family, coworkers, etc.)

Adding notifications to Live Tiles

Apps can now make their own Live Tiles/Notifications (like shortcuts)

Xbox live integration improvements

Internet Explorer 9 desktop is exactly the same in WP7, not a mobile version

Bing getting new feature called “App Connect” that uses app shortcuts to connect searches directly to the application.

Bing maps adding “Indoor Maps” (example from the demo was the inside of a mall)

Bing Vision search (which functions like Google goggles)

Local Scout — lists notable restaurants, shops, venues for your current location. Also shows what’s going on inside venue in addition to basic info

Will support many new carriers and languages

There are an additional 500 new features they added. While the Mango tools for developers was already released, the upgrade won’t be available until this fall. They also announced that all Nokia phones will run on Mango, as they’re currently testing it.

Here are videos of Mango in use:



Source: WindowsPhone, YouTube Venture Beat Image: Wikimedia Commons


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