Apple Unveils ‘Genius’ Ads [VIDEOS]

Apple has unveiled a new set of ads featuring its Geniuses. For those who don’t know, Geniuses are support staff at the Genius Bar that help customers out in Apple Stores. The ads are titled “May Day”, “Labor Day” and “Basically”.  Apple seems to be targeting the non-Mac users with these ads. They’re saying “We’ll help you” when you switch to us. The ads premiered on Friday in support of the London 2012 Olympics.

In “May Day,” an airplane pilot asks if there’s an Apple Genius on board in the same manner a captain would ask if there’s a doctor on board when there’s an emergency. This young, super-excited guy raises his hand and a flight attendant tells him the passenger in seat 3D needs to get an iMovie done for his wife’s anniversary in 27 minutes.

In “Basically,” a man walks up to an Apple Genius on a queue and says he “basically just got a Mac’. The guy had been ripped off by a computer store where he was told he was buying something that’s “basically a Mac”. Here, Apple’s saying there’s nothing like a Mac except an actual Mac.

“Labor Day,” tells the story of Mr. Green, whose wife is having a baby and he wants to make a photocard to announce the baby’s birth. Funny thing is, Mr.Green is more concerned about different photocards for different sets of people. So he contacts his Apple Genius neighbour who wears the Genius shirt and badge to bed. You thought Sheldon Cooper was bad.

What do you think about these ads? Do you like them? Please leave us a comment.


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