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MIH To Shutdown Kalahari Kenya, Kalahari Nigeria, Dealfish Ghana and Dealfish Uganda[REPORT]

Reports from TechMtaa have emerged stating that MIH Internet Africa [digital arm of South Africa's Naspers] is planning to shut down Kalahari Nigeria and Kalahari Kenya. MIH has reportedly sent a notice of the closure to its employees. Rumors state that Kalahari hasn’t recouped the money it has spent on advertising and running both websites.

For those who dont know what Kalahari is, Kalahari is an e-commerce website run by MIH Internet Africa, where users can order and pay for all sorts of stuff at low prices.

Sources close to TechMtaa say that “Kalahari Kenya could sustain its bills the only problem is that MIH Internet has no focus direction they want to take the business”. The source also suggest that MIH hasn’t even made profits from Dealfish and Mocality. Kalahari Nigeria and Kenya operations were shutdown on Wednesday 19th October and both websites are no longer taking orders so as to finish the delivery of current ones. It is said that MIH spent around $50,000 in adverts

MIH has finally decided that and will be shutdown. and are also going down while and will continue running.

Source Techloy via TechMtaa

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