HP’s Woes: WebOS Discontinued, Exiting The PC Market, $100 TouchPads

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It’s 5.55 AM, Nigerian Time as  I draft this. I woke to find TouchPad trending on Twiter and I’m like ‘What’s happening to HP Again?’. Turns out the TouchPad 16GB now goes for $100 and 32GB goes for $150 in Canada! Yes, Canada has carried first in something! Dunni says it’s sold out in a lot of stores right now. My other friend Ruvie confirms it’s sold out online too.

In the last 2 days, we’ve seen HP make some HUGE announcements. The first was its plans to buy Autonomy, the second largest pure-play software company in Europe for $10Billion. In order to do that, HP wants to Spin Off its PC Business.

In the next few hours after that announcement, HP announced it’ll discontinue its WebOS operations. HP purchased Palm for $1.2Billion in April last year, because of the potential of the WebOS Platform. This announcement comes just 6 weeks after the TouchPad hit the shelves. BestBuy reported that it had sold only 10% of its initial order and called HP to take them back.

When we announced the launch of the HP TouchPad, We actually felt it wasn’t too good. The processors were great, the camera wasn’t too good but was what makes gadgets sell these days, is the availability of apps. Paul said

“This tablet, for the moment, does not really appeal to the everyday user as it presently lacks lots of applications; which does not come as a surprise seeing as Web OS 3.0 is a new OS and apps have not yet been developed for it.”

HP also made Russel Brands Geeky so it could create awareness. It created awareness, but the devices didn’t sell.

So If you live in Canada and its environs, you might want to head to the nearest Best Buy, Future Shop, The Source, London Drugs, and Staples to get one. Oh! Don’t forget to leave a comment. What do you think about HP’s Woes?

Source: TechCrunch


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One Comment on “HP’s Woes: WebOS Discontinued, Exiting The PC Market, $100 TouchPads

  1. The craze over here in Canada is unreal! A website/ fb page (justin deals) has basically temporarily dedicated itself to people looking for where to buy one, by constantly updating their page with info on where to get one…websites are getting sold out in minutes! For those of you that grab one…kudos!

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