T-Pain Not Using Auto-Tune Anymore. Say It Isn’t So?

A tweet from Times culture reporter Dave Itzkoff, read “End of an era: @TPAIN says ‘I vow right here, right now, to never use Auto-Tune again.’”

T-Pain basically made auto-tune what it is today, I won’t literally mention “what it is today” because that would be besides the point but for artistes everywhere, when you say auto-tune, you automatically think T-Pain. Auto-tune made T-Pain, and T-Pain made auto-tune. He can’t possibly let it go!

This is where you hold your horses, don’t panic. He’s just being a business person about it and trying to make it his own. He’s basically figured that since when you think auto-tune you think T-Pain, why not make a vocal effect (much like auto-tune) branded with his name? That’s what’s happening, sorry for the trip:

As the exclusive provider of The T-Pain Effect™, iZotope is working directly with T-Pain to evolve his sound through our award-winning technology. Together, iZotope and T-Pain will bring new vocal processing possibilities to mainstream and professional products worldwide.

He’s personalizing his sound with the help of iZotope, a company that creates various types of technology for music studios. It makes sense since his iPhone app (which is really cool by the way) is doing great. The app, which puts a T-Pain effect on your voice when you sing or talk into it, is currently one of the App Store’s top paid apps. It goes for a mere .99 cents.

I got you there for a minute, didn’t I? Do you think this is a great idea, or is it just another artist’s lame attempt at branding?

Faridah Demola-Seriki

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    its a great idea…. and I'm gonna get it