Firefox 5 Available for Download


Three months after the release of Firefox 4, Mozilla kept its promise with the release of Firefox 5. The web browser is now available for download on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.  Mozilla Firefox, which is the second most used web browser after Internet Explorer, now faces competition from Google Chrome who look set to overthrow them as number two. Although its main competition, Google Chrome, runs on a six week cycle Firefox runs on a three month cycle, and today met its first deadline.

“Mozilla’s shift to a rapid release development cycle delivers cutting edge Firefox features, performance enhancements, security updates and stability improvements to users faster”, the company said in a blog post.

Although Mozilla guaranteed that there would be 1000 improvements in the updated browser, there has not been a lot of glancing changes to the version.The most obvious improvement is a support for CSS animation which allows web page elements move around the screen, its useful for better web pages and apps. According to Mozilla there has also been improved standard supports for HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL, and canvas Also the Firefox’s do-not-track-technology is now available on Androids phones as well. Other changes include improved canvas, JavaScript and memory; better spell checking in more languages, better background tab performance as well as a better Linux desktop integration.

The next version of  Firefox is set for an early August release. What do you think about these upgrades? Is it worth switching from your regular web browser? Comments and opinions can be left below.

Click to download the latest Firefox for Mac, Windows, Android and Linux

Ehima Osazuwa

Ehima Osazuwa is a student who is currently enrolled in a 4 year program in the Engineering faculty of McMaster University. He attended Whitesands Secondary School in Nigeria and graduated in the year 2009. He decided to join the Technesstivity team because he has always been interested in various forms of technology. Aside from technology, he enjoys watching and playing sports

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  • Cornel

    Any update is worth doing it ! (after all, it's supposed to improve something in that piece of software, or to address some bug and/or security glitch…)
    Nonetheless, I don't like this chrome-like speed of releases at Firefox. As a IT professional I prefer to have very clear what important improvements does version 5 over version 4 (and since the only one in FF5 is this "do not track" thing … this doesn't worth naming it FF5 instead of just FF4.1 or 4.2 or the like …)