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Posted On September 15, 2014By Faridah Demola-SerikiIn Social Media

We Spotted An Instagram Ad

Legit this time! A few weeks ago we reported seeing an Instagram Ad. Turns out that was just an app Instagram was testing, but this time it’s for real. The ad was from Secret deodorant, and the post that appeared on my timeline as a Sponsored Post doesn’t seem to be on their page anymore. I was afraid Instagram ads would be intrusive, but if they sneak in one or two it shouldn’t be a big deal, no? Check out the post belowRead More

Posted On July 24, 2014By Faridah Demola-SerikiIn Social Media

Instagram Begins Testing In-App Ads

I was doing my pre-bedtime  social media run through tonight when I opened up the Instagram app and saw what looked to me like an official Instagram announcement. I clicked on it because there’s no harm in that, but lo! I was directed to an app in the Google Play Store. I couldn’t believe it, so I took a screenshot and sent it to my fellow writers – they couldn’t believe it either. After a few refreshes, it was gone. I thought I was seeing things, so I did aRead More
After failing to buy Snapchat a few years ago, Facebook went ahead to acquire Instagram. It seems they weren’t satisfied with the picture social service to compete with Snapchat.  Facebook has launched yet another app from their Creative Labs called Slingshot. Slingshot is a social app the lets you share pictures and videos with friends by swiping it in the app and then the picture or video disappears for good. However, what you send to a friend cannot be viewed unless you send or sling something back. Slingshot is available for download inRead More
After Nigeria’s ‘game’ against Iran today in the World Cup, a lot of us kept the little hope we had up that Ghana would do us as Africans proud and defeat USA. Sadly, that didn’t happen, but at least they managed to score one goal. Not long after the win, brands started sending out congratulatory tweets as they always do when there’s a major event. It’s a great marketing opportunity, you can’t blame them really. However, one brand’s tweet wasn’t well received by Africans especially. Delta Airlines decided to congratulate theRead More
In the spirit of the World Cup which begins tomorrow, Twitter has activated ‘hashflags’ that display flags anytime you tweet a country’s short name with a hashtag. To make it easier to follow the games and events surrounding it, they’ve also created a special edition of their native apps on smartphones and their website that lets you follow tweets about the games in real time from players, coaches and commentators. The website has Twitter avatars and themes available to show your spirit for whichever team you support. It’s literally WorldRead More
Instagram’s recent update comes with  new editing features that should make uploading photos even more exciting. This recent version allows users to adjust picture brightness, contrast, saturation and more by selecting filter and then clicking on the new wrench shaped icon which allows you to start editing. You can head to the App store or Google Play store to get the update. feel free to drop your thoughts on the update in the comment section. Source: InstagramRead More
On April 15, 2014, Boko Haram abducted over 200 girls from Government Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State. This wasn’t their first time attacking a school. Though about 50 of them managed to escape, the fate of the remaining girls remains undetermined. Reports say they have been forcefully married to their kidnappers. Many are outraged not only at the fact that Boko Haram is terrorizing the country, but at the fact that it has gone on for so long and has only intensified since the year began. According to theRead More

Posted On April 6, 2014By Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)In Gaming, Social Media, Uncategorized

Table Soccer For Android: The Nostalgia Trip

I may not need to remind anyone about a little game we played when we were younger, that involved two goalposts made of paper, a little ball made of paper and a lot of bottle caps or in some cases more paper. If you never knew that you’ll know how the game is played in a second. Table Soccer is a game by ChopUP Games developed using the Unity Game Engine, it’s a somewhat fresh take of the classic “Table Soccer” game. In Table Soccer players select from 3 free bottleRead More
In 2012 Facebook acquired Instagram in a deal which was its biggest acquisition yet at $1bn! Now the social network giant has acquired the popular messaging app, WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion in cash and stock. WhatsApp currently has over 450 million monthly users and growing and is poplar mostly with teenagers and/or anyone looking to avoid text message charges.  It allows users to send messages over internet connections hence avoiding text messaging fees. The company claims it is currently registering one million new users a day. The acquisition byRead More

Posted On February 19, 2014By Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)In Entertainment, Gaming, Social Media, Top Stories, Uncategorized

75,000 People Play The Largest Pokemon Game Ever

For a whole week thousands of players have been playing Pokemon Red/Blue at TwitchPlaysPokemon and you can be a part of the hilarity as well. Why ‘hilarity’? Well that’s because TwitchPlaysPokemon is a channel on the game-streaming site Twitch that turns chat comments into controller inputs, parsing hundreds of thousands of ups, downs, and starts and translating them into in-game movements. The results rarely create coherent movements, but yet the participants have defeated half of the gym leaders in the game. The sheer randomness is so much so that currently there is a chatRead More