Google+ Is Google’s Secret Weapon Aimed At Horrible YouTube Comments

YouTube, the Google owned video-sharing website where users can upload, share and view videos has a reputation for having really mean comments. In fact, according to John Herrman at Buzzfeed, they actually have the worst comments found on the Internet.
In his article he expressed that

“YouTube is a comment disaster on an unprecedented scale. All of the worst things that could be said have been said here. YouTube IS the room with the million monkeys and the million typewriters, but they haven’t even gotten half-way though Hamlet yet because they’re too busy pitching feces at one another.”

YouTube has noticed this and has taken it to the drawing board and come up with a solution, a ‘secret weapon’. They will connect users YouTube accounts with their Google+ accounts by sending them requests asking them to do so once they try to comment or upload a new video.

I noticed this when I tried to comment on a video and this popped up trying to persuade me into connecting my YouTube account to my Google+ account.

And if you say you don’t want to use your full name, Google keeps pressuring you, taking the “No means Yes” approach:

The idea is that now that users reveal their real identity they will be kinder and less sensitive with their comments but how effective will this really be?

I believe that people who already tend to be civil will be willing to link their real names to their YouTube accounts, but those nasty commenters will simply keep their masks on. Google encourages those making the switch to review the content they’ve previously posted, I predict that some careless users will accidentally link their real identities to their ugly YouTube ones, or rush through the process, thus revealing themselves to be the authors of some disturbing comments.

In my opinion this is really a good approach and a smart one too but will it really change things? We will have to give this sometime I guess. What do you think?

Victor Nneji

Tech Fanatic. Enrolled on a Computing for Business course at Aston University, Birmingham. Attended Dowen College Lagos. Nigerian. Follow me on twitter @Vicneji.

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