It Takes Two To Tango: Video Calling App Available in Windows Phone Marketplace

For starters, many of you do not know me but I’m the new Technesstivity, geeky, Windows Phone fan-boy dude, blogger thingamajig stuff, fella, Naija boy repping, omo Ibadan of the Kiniso clan of the people of something (I think I covered it all) in  town. Yes, you can sing “you are welcome in the name of the Lord” if you want.

Now to the post. Looks like Windows Phone 7 users looking to get the next generation Windows Phone devices can breathe a sigh of relief as the Microsoft supported Tango App was just launched in the marketplace. This is key because many in the new breed of Windows Phone sport front facing cameras.

About this new app, Tango like any other mobile video-calling app allows you to make video calls over your 3G, 4G and WiFi connections. The best part of Tango is that it’s a cross-platform app available on your PC, Android and iOS devices; meaning you can chat with anyone on any of these devices that have Tango installed – emphasis on having Tango installed.

Tango definitely gives the Windows Phone a feature that makes it all the more competitive in the Android and iOS dominated world. Now we have to ask ourselves; Yes it takes two to Tango but Microsoft, you bought Skype already, can’t we get some Skype goodness on the Windows Phone too?

Android and iOS users can read more about and download Tango HERE. Windows Phone users can cop a copy at the Marketplace.

The video below shows Tango in action:

SOURCE: WMPoweruser



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