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BBM Music Streaming Goes Live Today, Get it Now[VIDEO]

RIM has announced that the BBM Music app for BlackBerries will soon be available for download in the US, Canada and Australia. This comes a few months after it launched on limited trial. Here’s how it works. A premium subscription will allow you build a library of music from the music catalog, which can either be streamed or stored on your BlackBerry for offline listening. You’re limited to 50 songs and you can only swap 25 of those songs every month.

To add other songs to your collection, you’ll be able to add other BBM Music Premium users and gain access to their libraries. So the more users you add, the more songs you can listen to. The service will cost $4.99 a month and is relatively cheaper than other services that offer unlimited streaming and offline storage. For free users, you’ll have access to 30 second previews and you’ll be able to purchase songs off Amazon’s MP3 store.

For new users in the US and Canada, you’ll get 2 months free trial, while Australians will get a month free. For Nigerians if you’ve been hearing the ‘BlackBerry is bringing music to you” ads on the radio, that means you’ll be getting it soon.

RIM is trying to improve its service and obviously offer options to its users while using BBM as a social platform. Thequestion is can BBM Music beat Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, Shazam and other music subscription services?

Download BBM Music on BlackBerry App World

Here’s the official launch video of BBM Music from RIM:

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