The Twitter Takeover. Up Next: Link Shortening

Twitter has been making a series of bold moves recently, seemingly in order to take over some of the more popular responsibilities that have previously been help by 3rd party applications. These include their acquisition of TweetDeck and their recent introduction of new services. This trend seems to be continuing as Twitter announced, in a blog post on Tuesday, that it is be rolling out a new link shortening feature which would allow its users to simply enter a link in the tweet... Read More

Google Doodle Honors Les Paul With Interactive Guitar

Ever played air guitar, felt so good then tried your hand at a real guitar only to realize how much harder it is? Yeah, me too. But Google is giving us a chance by honoring musician and inventor, Les Paul on his birthday. All through the day there was an interactive guitar you could play and record a melody on. The guitar on there was inspired by the electric guitar he developed that made genres like rock and roll possible. Nigerian artistes like King Sunny Ade have guitars with... Read More

Macs Now Get Viruses?

Few users of Mac OS X operating system would be able to tell you recently that their computers may have gotten a virus from the Internet. The Mac Defender virus is a new virus written by certain hackers somewhere in Romania and it has gone viral to Mac users who became vulnerable it. Seeing as Apple does not write anti-virus programs for their OS, the company decided to write a definition to combat the Mac Defender. This definition was by-passed 8 hours after it was written,... Read More